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3 Tips For Avoiding Plumbing Repair Scams

Published on March 3, 2020

Is your shower drain clogged? To resolve the problem perfectly, you will need the assistance of a reliable Roseville plumbing services company. However, if you are not familiar with the costs associated with plumbing, you can be the victim of a scam. There are some steps you can adopt to avoid a plumbing scam. Ask the plumber to offer you detailed estimated before you hire him. Don’t go for low bids as they won’t include labor charges for repair.

Usually, plumbing contractors ask for a down payment of 10%. But if a plumber asks for a larger down payment, don’t hire him. The plumber should mention the make and models of major appliances in his price quote. If you feel that the price of an item is too high, call the nearest building supply store for price comparison.

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