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A Quick Guide Dealing With a Leaking Water Heater

Published on February 10, 2020

What do you do when your water heater ceases functioning normally and starts leaking? No need to panic since they can be quickly checked and corrected if you are wondering how to find out below. You can consult a Lincoln plumbing expert to ascertain and find a solution to fixing a leaking pipe while at home.

Causes of Leaking

Water heaters are supposed to serve you for over 10 years however they could breakdown due to a number of reasons. The most common cause of leakages in such appliances include corrosions resulting from sedimentations or buildups. Broken drainage valves could also be part of the reason for leaking not forgetting the effect of loosely connected water lines. Basically, a number of factors could catalyze this damage but however, the following tips can help you properly manage this scenario before you call a Lincoln plumbing expert to do the necessary checkups.

Disconnect the Heater from Direct Power

Upon realizing a leak on your water heater tank, cut off the power supply. There are different types of heaters and each of them is switched off uniquely. For gas water heaters, you may need to locate the thermostat and disconnect it from the power supply. On the thermostat, you should see the labels for switching off, on, or just leaving it in pilot mode. Electric heaters are easier to switch off, find its breaker panel which is often labeled as a water heater. By disconnecting the heater tank from the power supply you get ample time to work on the tank and ascertain where the problem is.

Stop Inflow of Water

You cannot work on your faulty tank when it is full of water. It is furthermore even difficult to ascertain where the fault is when the tank is full which is why you need to drain it. Check for valves that you can close preventing further entry of water into the tank. Each tank has both of these valves that control the entry and exit of water in the tank. Now that brings us to the next step.

Clear All the Water from Tank

Upon halting the inflow of water, check to see if any repairs could be done which in most cases is very difficult with water in the tank. Draining is therefore very necessary for the repair process to commence. Most draining valves are located at the bottom or around the bottom you should, therefore, be able to locate it. Turn it off to get rid off the water in the tank or otherwise you may opt to use a hose to do the draining. Secondly, you should mitigate the vacuum in the tank by allowing in some hot water to drive out the air. After proper draining, you could find out for yourself whatever the problem may be or alternatively choose to contact plumbing experts to handle everything for you at a cost of just a few dollars. In the end, ensure the plumbing expert you hire offers services that include repair and installation whether it is for gas, electrical or a tankless water heater.

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