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Ask a Sacramento Sewer Replacement Expert: When is Excavation Necessary?

Published on January 2, 2014

A Collapsed Line Will Require Excavation

Excavation. Now that’s a scary word. No one wants to hear that their yard and landscaping they’ve worked so hard to perfect has to be torn up in order to reach a broken sewer line.

Unfortunately, that is sometimes the reality, but Boyd Plumbing sewer replacement experts are here today to help you fully understand when excavation is necessary.

But First – What Exactly Does Your Sewer Line Do, and Why is it So Important?

Well, the sewer line is the part of your plumbing system that’s hidden and out of sight. This often means, then, that homeowners sort of forget about it, and don’t maintain it properly. Without a properly maintained sewer line to carry all the waste water from your home to the city’s sewer system, you are in for a whirlwind of headaches.

Leaving a sewer line unchecked for a long period of time can cause clogs, breaks, and – the worst of all – tree roots getting into the line. Once the roots are in, you’ll need more than a plumber’s snake to clear them out. We do have a good number of repair options to choose from, but sometimes the damage is too far gone.

If that is the case, replacement and excavation become a necessary evil.

How Will Boyd Plumbing Know You Need Excavation?

  1. If your drain has collapsed or sheared.
  2. If there’s mud, clay, or another shiny surface at the end of the cable when we pull out the line. Those textures indicate that the line is not only clogged up, but broken as well. It’s more cost effective for you in the long run to just replace the broken line.


Rest assured that at Boyd Plumbing we will only use the excavation option if absolutely necessary. We will attempt to repair it as best we can first, and then go forward with the replacement route at that time. And, of course, your approval is required.

In addition to that, we will help clean up any destruction that may have been caused because we don’t want that burden to fall on you alone.

For any sewer repair or replacement needs, call on your local experts. Call Boyd Plumbing today!

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