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Five Summer Plumbing Problems (And What to Do for Each of Them)

Published on June 1, 2019

Plumbing Problems

The weather in Lincoln might not change much all year round, but whether it’s due to just a slight increase in temperature or other circumstances, some plumbing problems are more prevalent during the Summer than any other season of the year.

Here are five issues with plumbing that homeowners face more often than not during the summertime.

Sewer Line Blockage

Rainfall during the summer in addition to hot air in the atmosphere can pose a dangerous combination for residents of California. When it rains too much during the summer, that excess rain can make it way into pipes in sewer lines, creating problems for sewage trying to pass through. This is a surefire way for sewer lines to get clogged, and only Lincoln plumbing can fix them. For signs of sewer blockage in your own home, you would notice odd happenings such as flushing your toilet and finding its water in your bathtub.

Sprinkler Problems

Sprinklers are more frequently used during the summer than the other seasons, so it’s more common to come across sprinkler issues either when you turn them on in the first time this year, or over gradual use. The most common problem with sprinklers is that it might not spray water like you want it to or with enough force as before. Instead of opting to replace your sprinklers, all it might take is to inspect it for problems. Before you start to use them for the first time each year, be sure that your sprinklers are properly cleaned, as debris can possibly build up inside over the course of the fall and winter months.

Clogged Toilets

Summer can be the time of year in which toilets are used the most often. This is especially true when you have children who are taking their break from school. To prevent toilets from being clogged, teach your children to not use as much toilet paper. It is also important to only flush once they are done with using the toilet. If you experience any clogs in your toilet, you can simply use a plunger to break them up. For more serious cases, however, Lincoln plumbing is happy to help you.

Washing Machine Issues

Having children will mean your toilet will get more used during the summer, but this is also true with your washing machine. You should expect to use your washing machine more should the family decide to go to the pool or the beach more frequently. The more the machine is used, however, the more stress it receives. A myriad of problems can happen with your washing machine, such as the drum inside not turning or the washer leaking of water. So, if you suspect something to be wrong with it, you should not leave the home so you can be there to turn the machine off if it goes berserk. If the machine’s issues relate to plumbing, you can get help from a certified Lincoln plumber.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

If you like to have barbecues, you might end up using your garbage disposal fairly often. If you are looking forward to a lot of summer cookouts this year, you will need to be wary of how you will discard your food items.

Even though this produce is organic, it typically isn’t okay to feed it through your sink’s garbage disposal, especially harder produce such as corn and watermelon. Always throw these food scraps in the trash can. Cooking oil can also harm your garbage disposal, so never pour grease down your sink’s drain. If you are facing any problems with your garbage disposal, contact a qualified Lincoln plumber.

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