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Garbage disposals are great little inventions… when they work. Like any other appliance that’s handy to have around the house, disposals are bound to have problems at some point throughout their life. If you have a garbage disposal in your home and the kitchen sink is starting to get full of dirty water and food, you know you have an issue that needs repairing. Your disposal could be malfunctioning because of:

Garbage Disposal Solutions

You might consider yourself an everyday handyman, but you should still not attempt to fix your garbage disposal. You could further damage the appliance or put yourself in harm’s way if you stick your hand into the disposal to fix the problem. Our trained technicians know the proper way to handle a faulty garbage disposal and will do so safely. We will inspect it, determine the problem and repair the issue – so you don’t have to.

For most issues, including jams and clogs, we can remove the problem and return your garbage disposal to normal. If, however, your garbage disposal has reached the end of its useful life, has an electrical problem, or the motor is blown, replacing the unit may be your best option.

How to Avoid Problems In The Future

Once your garbage disposal has been repaired, it is important to take steps to avoid the problem in the future. What’s the best way to ensure you will get the most of your garbage disposal going forward? Try to avoid putting these items into it:

You always want a working, reliable garbage disposal at your convenience. Call Boyd Plumbing and Drain today so we can make that happen!

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Boyd Plumbing Super Service Award
Boyd Plumbing Super Service Award
Boyd Plumbing Super Service Award
Boyd Plumbing Super Service Award