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How to Tell If Your Home Needs New Pipes?

Published on August 2, 2019

New Pipes

All pipes will have to be replaced eventually, so at one point, you may have to call a professional plumber to install new pipework so that you never need to deal with a pipe when it rusts, leaks, or even cracks. Here are four ways to tell you will need to install new pipes in your home.

Gather Information on Your Current Pipes

What your pipes are made of should depend on the age of your home. New materials of pipes include PVC, brass, and copper, which can be found in new homes or old homes that had their pipes replaced. PVC can last up to 40 years, copper can last up to 80, and brass can last up to 100. Older materials of pipes include cast iron and galvanized steel. Like brass, these materials can last up to 100 years.

If you own a newer home, then your pipes should not be an issue for now. If your home was built in the 1930s, 20s, or even earlier, then it’s time to have your pipes replaced before something happens to them, unless they have been replaced at one point. If the latter is true, you still should find out how old your pipes are so you can determine when you should have them replaced eventually.

The Appearance of Your Pipes

There may be an easy way for you to see what your pipes look like for yourself, but this depends on the construction of your home. Older homes will tend to have pipes running through the basement where they lead to rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.

When examining your pipes, there are a few things to check to determine if they are still good or need replacing. Firstly, you should check to see if any of your pipes are discolored, rusty, or even flaking. These are signs that your pipe is aging and it can potentially leak or burst at some point in the future. You should also check the floor under the pipework for puddles or water stains, as these are signs that your pipes are already failing considering water is finding its way through.

Discolored Water

There are two ways to determine if you need to replace your pipes without looking at them. The first is if the water you get in your kitchen and/or bathroom gets darker and sludgier. This means your pipes are rusty, as water will pass through this rust in order to look unappealing. It’s important to have Roseville plumbing look at your pipes after you notice darker water, as waiting to do so could lead to a clog in your pipework form mineral deposits.

Low Water Pressure

If you notice a decrease in water pressure from fixtures such as a shower head, you won’t be able to locate in your piping where this problem comes from, but it usually involves an annoying clog. If that is not the case, then it could actually be a more serious problem such as a leak, explaining where that extra water is going. Leaks need to be addressed right away, as water from them can deteriorate your home’s foundation and framing. Mold can also appear in your basement as a result of a leak.

Your pipes transfer water throughout your home, so it’s crucial that you always have them in working condition. If your pipes look rusted, old, or simply you know for a fact how long ago they were installed in your home (and it was long ago), then it may be time to have yourself some brand-new pipes.

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