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Leak Detection and Repair in Sacramento, CA

Published on November 26, 2013

Ask a Sacramento Plumber: Which Leak Detection Methods Will Help Find the Source?

In this particular instance, the customer was having a problem with her garage roof. She noticed that there was a water stain on the garage ceiling.

Because a garage roof is only so big – different from a home that probably has a larger roof – it may not be quite as hard to track down the source. So regardless of where you see the leak stain, here are some ways that should help you track down where it’s coming from.

  1. Start removing shingles in the area you believe to be the problem. With them removed, you should see evidence of the leak and thus track it down to the source.
  2. Check for roof penetrations. That is the most common source of leaks. In fact, it’s rare for leaks to developed in areas that are not broken or pierced. They will normally be several feet above the leak or to the right or left it.
  3. If it’s not in a garage, and you have attic access, head up there and look for it. You will see water stains, black marks, or mold.

If you can’t find the source, don’t worry. That’s why we’re here. At the first sign of leak, regardless of whether or not you find the source, you’ll want to call a professional because letting it continue can be damaging.

When you call Boyd Plumbing, we will use our leak detection methods to ensure that following our visit, your leak will be repaired and your home (or garage) is back to normal.

Don’t wait – call Boyd Plumbing today!

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