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Ask a Sacramento Plumber: How to Identify and Repair Water Leaks

Published on November 18, 2013

Damp Spots in Your Yard Sign of Leak in Outside Drain Lines

If you have a reduction in your home’s water pressure or you notice damp or weak spots in your yard, then you may have a leak in your outside drain lines. Another sign is if your water bill is unexpectedly high.

We use several different methods of detecting leaks. These advanced methods allow us to pinpoint the cause of a leak without having to tear up your landscaping, walkways or driveway. Until recently, plumbers had to not only excavate in order to find the cause of a leak. This process took a lot of time, caused a lot of headaches, and was very expensive.

Now, though, we use equipment such as sophisticated video cameras and thermo imaging technology to get to the cause of a leak. That way, we know exactly where to begin working. Not only can we get your job completed much more quickly, we don’t have to cause extensive property damage in order to do so.

If you have any sort of outside leak on your property, call Boyd Plumbing today.

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