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Pipe Lining in Sacramento

Published on November 18, 2013

Ask a Sacramento Plumber:  Is Pipe Lining a Good, Affordable Option for Pipe Repair?

Are you worried about how your going to afford a pipe replacement if something were to go wrong? Well, in some instances, replacement is not necessary.

In many cases – if you have old piping, damaged/corroded pipes, or a sewer main problem – you would be better off a replacement to save yourself continuous costly repairs in the future. However, there are a coupe things that can be done to fix some minor problems – water line pipe repair and pipe lining.

  1. Water line pipe repair: The water line in your home makes comfortable living possible. The only times this needs to be replaced is if it’s made of unapproved material, has extensive damage, or is too small for your home. If it has a small leak or just needs minor repairs, you won’t have to worry about a replacement just yet.
  2. Pipe lining: This is a modern method available to reline your pipes without having to remove them from your home. We use epoxy lining and resin liners to repair leaks, cracks, gaps, and damage without needing to excavate and damage your home’s structure.

Don’t get stressed out about pipe repairs – our experts at Boyd Plumbing will take care of it. Call us today!

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