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Pipe Repair in Sacramento, CA

Published on November 21, 2013

Age, Tree Roots, and Corrosion all Reasons for Repairing your Failing Pipes

Pipes can fail for several different reasons. Either they develop leaks due to age or other factors such as the intrusion of tree roots, or they corrode and break over time. There are other instances where excessive water pressure can cause a pipe to disintegrate.

In this particular job we repaired a plumbing line using our trenchless technology. This advanced method of pipe repair allows us to fix plumbing without having to resort to extensive excavation.

In some instances, we can reline the inside portion of the pipe with an epoxy resin that fills small cracks, gaps, and pin hole leaks. This also eliminates corrosion. Other times we use a resin pipe liner that is inserted into your pipes. This new coating works as a “pipe within a pipe.” Once it hardens, your pipes will be like new. There are some situations where a pipe has undergone too much damage, or where the pipe is too large. In this instance, we use a process known as “slip lining.” This is where we insert a smaller diameter pipe into the existing one.

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