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Pipe Repair vs. Replacement: Which Will You Need in Your Sacramento Home?

Published on December 5, 2013

Older Home? Constant Pipe Repairs? If So, You Are Better Off Getting a Replacement


Knowing you have a plumbing problem in your home probably causes you quite a bit of stress, especially if the issue involves your sewer or water main line.

Just because you are having a plumbing problem, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to repipe your entire home. There are some instances where repairs will easily do the trick. But, of course, sometimes your situation will call for a pipe replacement.

So, how will you know which one you need – a repair or a replacement? That’s what we’re here to tell you!

Repair vs. Replacement


There are three common piping problems that can easily be repaired – scale, leaks, and tree root infiltration.


While the above problems can typically be solved with just some minor repairs, if the damage has been prolonged, sometimes leaks and cracks will end up resulting in a replacement. But, what other instances will you need new pipes?


Not sure if you need a repair or a replacement? Call our team of expert plumbers today and we’ll let you know! At Boyd Plumbing, nothing is too much for us to handle. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we’re here for you!

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