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Published on November 18, 2013

When Drain Snakes Don’t Do the Trick, Water Jetting a Good Solution

This customer’s kitchen drain was running slow. As a result, his washing machine was constantly overflowing. He wanted us to snake the line to clear the clog. We were able to do so and the drain operated normally afterward.

While a snake can be a very effective tool in removing a clog, sometimes it’s not enough. In instances where a clog is particularly troublesome, more powerful equipment such as a water jet must be used.

Water jetting is typically used in a situations where tree roots have infiltrated the pipes. Roots find moisture wherever they can get it, even if it’s in the smallest of crevices in your pipes. In addition, pipes have the nutrients and oxygen that trees need to survive. Unfortunately, once they’re in, they’re in – unless we come in with our water jetting equipment.

A water jet shoots  high pressure water down a line to break up stubborn obstructions, like tree roots. This stream can clear out sewer lines that are hundreds of feet long and is also good for cleaning out mineral deposit buildup that regular snakes can’t clear. In addition to completely obliterating all blockages, water jetting restores your pipes back to their original diameter preventing future clogging.

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