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Sacramento Plumbing Experts Debunk Tankless Water Heater Myths

Published on January 23, 2014

Tankless Water Heaters: Fact vs. Fiction

How much do you know about tankless water heaters? Actually, let us rephrase: How much of what you know about them is true? If you are thinking about replacing your current water heater, chances are you did some research. We don’t want there to be any misconceptions about tankless water heaters, so we’re here to give you the truth behind them. At Boyd Plumbing, we want you to enjoy all the benefits a tankless water heater can bring you and your family as soon as possible.

Myth #1: Tankless water heaters don’t supply a continuous flow of water.

Truth: Water passes over a heating element before it reaches the outlet so it’s impossible for cold water to enter the hot water stream. Tankless water heaters may not store hot water all the time, but that does not mean it won’t provide you with hot water whenever you need it!

Myth #2: Tankless water heaters are inefficient.

Truth: Tankless water heaters don’t leave nearly as large a carbon footprint as tanked do, as they use less energy. Tankless also use clean energy at minimal use and costs less to operate.

Myth #3: Tankless water heaters heat water to unsafe temperatures.

Truth: Some people like lukewarm water, others like it steamy and hot. Whatever temperature you would like your water to be, you can be in control of it with adjustable thermostats that come with the tankless systems. They also come with thermostats that will prevent your unit from overheating and scalding – no unsafe temperatures here!

Myth #4: Tankless water heaters don’t supply enough water.

Truth: Tankless, by definition, don’t have a storage tank so there is never a “shortage” of hot water. A 40 gallon water tank, on the other hand, only holds 40 gallons of water until it has to be reheated. That reheating process can take up to 30 minutes, leaving you and your family to wait for it. And, sometimes, you don’t have time to wait. Whenever you need it, for as long as you need it, tankless water heaters will supply you with hot water.

Myth #5: Tankless water heating systems are expensive to operate.

Truth: The opposite is true, actually. Tanked water heaters store and heat water 24 hours a day. Tankless, on the other hand, only uses water on an “as needed” basis, so the water only heats when it’s being used. You won’t be paying to heat water all the time, saving you up to 20% on your energy bills. We hope this helped make your decision a little easier. For more information on tankless water heaters, or to set up a consultation, call Boyd Plumbing today!

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