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Sewer Replacement in Sacramento

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Do you ever think about your sewer main? Probably not, and we completely understand why. It’s hidden from sight – deep underground often located underneath driveways or yards. It’s there because it has to be in order for your indoor plumbing to function properly. But, when something goes wrong with it – like a sewer line clog – we are willing to bet you notice it, then.

Sewer Main Stoppage

Most times when our sewer main experts encounter a stoppage, it’s able to be cleared with one of our top-of-the-line drain snakes. The drain snake can locate, dislodge, and break up the clog allowing water and waste to finally drain out of your home into the sewers.

How Do We Know Your Main Line Needs Replacement?

With years of sewer replacement experience under our belts, we have learned that if your main line backs up more than once a year, it is probably worth the time and money to have the line replaced.

Slip Lining

Slip lining is a relatively inexpensive option for your sewer line repair. It’s a trenchless (non-invasive) method of repair by which a new sewer line is installed inside the existing one.

Vent Stack Repair/Replacement

A vent stack is the part of your plumbing system that removes sewage from your home, releases sewer gas, and regulates air pressure in the waste-system pipes, facilitating flow.

How Do We Know Your Vent Stack Needs Repair or Replacement?

If your drains are gurgling or emitting sewer gas odors, you’re definitely going to need repair or replacement of your vent stack. Despite the simple detection, the repair/replacement process is not quite as easy and we do not suggest trying it yourself.

Unsupported cast iron stack pipes can come crashing down if they are cut without proper supports. Service weight cast iron can be extremely difficult to penetrate without the proper tools and equipment. Incorrectly piped drain and vent piping can even cause damage to the existing piping system, and cause gurgling or bobbling in fixture drains, improper trap function, and clogging or backups.

If you attempt this on your own, you risk not only harming yourself, but making the problem worse, resulting in more costly and extensive repair work down the line.

Knowing you need a sewer line replacement is the first step. Let us take care of the rest – Call Boyd Plumbing and Drain today!

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Boyd Plumbing Super Service Award
Boyd Plumbing Super Service Award
Boyd Plumbing Super Service Award
Boyd Plumbing Super Service Award