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Shower Head Leak and Replacement in Sacramento

Published on November 18, 2013

Corrosion on Shower Head Probably Means Replacement Necessary

A customer called us because her shower head had developed a leak. A shower head will typically leak when the inside components deteriorate as a result of age. A shower head is under a great deal of water pressure when in use, and this pressure can lead to leaking.

If you check your shower and the head and connecting arm are tight, then you’ll probably need a plumber to remove both components. You’ll more than likely need a replacement if you notice any corrosion, because commonly used fixes – such as pipe compound or Teflon tape – normally only provide a temporary solution. Sooner or later, the problem will return.

To have one of our plumbing experts out to your home to fix a leaking shower head, call Boyd Plumbing today!

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