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Six Things Plumbers Would Appreciate If You Didn’t Do

Published on July 27, 2018

It might be your sink, bathtub, bathroom or toilet that is clogged once more and you are pacing up and down in the house not knowing your next line of action. Well, that is easy because you would obviously call a plumber and have the issue fixed or the system unlocked. It can, however, be annoying to do certain things in these conditions that may leave the system more damaged or give the plumber a real hard time. Below is a list of activities that Elk Grove plumbing would really love for you to avoid at any cost before you find yourself in this mess.

Are You Fiddling with the Pressure Valve of the Water Heater?

In the worst case scenarios, draining your water heater may cause serious injuries if not done by experts. Stop trying to pressure valve yourself or worse still you should not attempt to test the temperature as adverse injuries could happen.  

You Should Not Use Your Toilet As a Trash Can

It is true that most of these toilets are flushable but that does not translate to one disposing of anything in there. Cleaning wipes, feminine hygienic products, cat litter and even makeup remover pads should not be dumped into the toilet because they will in time accumulate and ultimately lead to blockage.

Stop Trying to Solve Your Plumbing Problems

It is always resourceful when we always think we can save money and do the rectification ourselves. But, sometimes it is wiser to call an expert rather than DIY. You may end up deteriorating the system more than it already was. The expert comes in handy because they can ascertain where the problem is in quick time and do the necessary repairs.

Failing to Replace the Hoses

It is almost impossible to know when the water in your house is going to burst. The best we can do is put down measures to prevent such occurrences. The main thing to do is regularly replace the worn out rubber hoses. Do not wait until they have failed and you are walking into a house full of water to make these important changes. 

Avoid Using Drops and Other Chemicals as Fresheners

The problem is not with the way these drops smell rather the way they function. It is true the blue water in your toilet may look lovely but the chemicals they emit are not. These chemicals progressively eat or dissolve the toilet parts rendering some parts dysfunctional. That can ultimately lead to blockage which can be very detrimental especially if the cost of repair is way out of the budget.

Stop Waiting for Your Water Heater to Be Obsolete

It is important that you find out the lifespan of your water heater before things get out of hand on your side. Most of these appliances just last for 12 years but some would use them until they are 20 years. That should not happen, make it your obligation to check its condition and do the necessary repairs before it is too late. Experts like Elk Grove plumbing could help you with getting the right replacements just in case you do not know your way around the whole process. Do not wait until it is flooded for you to do what you should have done a long time ago. 

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